Facebook and eBay pledge to fight fake reviews

Facebook and eBay have agreed to do better in fighting fake and misleading reviews on their websites. They have made the pledge after the Competition and Markets Authority in the United Kingdom told them to address this problem.

Online consumers often rely on the reviews they read in online stores or on social media websites. But it will probably only help them make the right decision if the reviews are genuine. According to the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA), more than three out of four people are influenced by reviews when they shop online. “And billions of pounds are spent every year based on write-ups of products or services.”

‘Fake reviews are really damaging to shoppers’

“Fake reviews are really damaging to shoppers and businesses alike”, CMA’s CMEO Andrea Coscelli says. “Millions of people base their shopping decisions on reviews, and if these are misleading or untrue, then shoppers could end up being misled into buying something that isn’t right for them – leaving businesses who play by the rules missing out.”

Facebook and eBay banned users

Last summer, the CMA complained about the trade of fake and misleading reviews on Facebook and eBay. Since then, Facebook has removed 188 groups and 24 users accounts, while eBay permanently banned 140 users. Aside from taking these actions, the major online platforms also pledged to help prevent fake reviews from appearing in the future.