Dealers know best how to sell cars


I was very impressed by Keith Crain’s “Why not chip in on upgrades?” (Feb. 4). It echoed so much of what I believe. After many years in the auto business, I have seen automakers all too often “pushing for dealers to spend needlessly on brick and mortar.” The business should not be about building Taj Mahals but building facilities that meet the customers’ and dealers’ needs.

So that’s why, in my latest venture with Zotye USA, we structured our plans from the very beginning to let our dealers put up the facilities they feel are right for their city and customers. Who knows better than dealers how to sell cars?

At Zotye, we are building an organization that focuses on being customer-friendly, providing great vehicles and creating the highest levels of customer satisfaction. Customers don’t complain about how a Costco looks. They are happy with the service, the products and the price. We are convinced that our dealer partners want that too and will select the best facility for our customers.

As Crain wrote, dealers should “Spend the money in ways that sell more cars. That is the name of the game.” Couldn’t have said it better myself.

DUKE HALE, Chairman and CEO, HAAH Automotive Holdings and Zotye USA

Lake Forest, Calif.